The University of Córdoba together with Trinity Spain-Portugal and the iPlay School of Music and Languages are delighted to organise the 4th International Conference on Music and Culture for Inclusion and Innovation (4th CIMCII). The Conference will be celebrated in 19-20 May 2022 at the Rectorate of the University of Cordoba.

International and national experts will meet in this academic event to put the focus on the importance of music as a socialising, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and inclusive element.

Different aspects that allow the holistic development of students and the role music plays in culture and education will be approached in this event. Besides, it is crucial to highlight the role of Arts in Education and its therapeutic value. We should gain awareness on the fact that music is an essential part of our life and that it serves to express our feelings, but it is also of paramount importance to share information and to convey cultural elements.